Melina Gunnett

June 15, 2011

Takaikabe Mura

Filed under: Poetry — Melina Gunnett @ 2:48 PM

Inspired by Jeff A Menges painting of the same name.

A smoky haze bellows across the auburn sky.
I am all that is left.
It is just me, me and the crows.
Their black plumage a dark contrast against the burning swamp.
They are everywhere.
Perched on overturned cart and corpse alike.
It is all the same to them.
They are just waiting for their dinner to stop smoldering.

Were I willing to look,
I could name the dead who surround me,
Lying face deep in mud,
But I have seen enough blood
I will leave that duty to Yama.

I stab my katana into the frozen ground
And rest my Kabuto on the handle
It no longer matters, but still I cringe as the dirt bites the blade.
The Wakizashi is all I need now.

One last time I look around the field.
It was to be a place of honor, of victory.
Now only death walks between the reeds and forest.

A crow alights upon my helm, watching.
He will be my Kaishakunin.
There is no one else.
Our tattered Nobori dances in the wind as I draw my blade.


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