Melina Gunnett

June 24, 2011

I’m all packed up.

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So my bags are packed and I’m ready to go. Not jet plane for me though. Not this trip anyway. I will be driving across country from Boston to Tacoma.


When I moved out here, everything I owned came with me in the car. It is amazing how much stuff I accumulated in the 15+ years I’ve been on the east coast. It took me almost a month to find homes for all of it, but once again, everything I own is in my car.


Ok, so the car is considerably more crowded that it was on the way out. Two trunks and my sewing machine were all I had with me. The trunks are now suitcases and the clothes have changed, but that same sewing machine is back in the car. My GIANT teddy bear is watching over it as I type.


One of the important things I’ve rediscovered through the culling of my possessions is what is really valuable. When it came down to clearing out my stuff it wasn’t the most expensive things I kept, it was the personal things: photos of friends, knickknacks that reminded me of someone and things that were hand-made and given to me. Aside from personal memories, almost all I packed was some artwork and books.


Yeah books. I know there are libraries. I actually use them a lot. Half my car is still books and reducing my selection down to that few was painful. I’m glad the digital age is here. I purchase most of my books electronically now. Hopefully I won’t ever have to weed through my books again. 80% of what I have left are reference books of some kind. Maybe I won’t ever need some of them, but how easy will it be to find a book on Xingu mythology if I do suddenly find a need?


Anyway, that painful processes is over. I am officially on VACATION! I am starting it out with a whole weekend of camping, ice cream and fun with friends in New York. I’ll post updates as my trip progresses. I will be taking several weeks to cross the country. This will the be the first time I have not had to rush somewhere and I plan to enjoy the scenery.


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