Melina Gunnett

June 30, 2011

Oh Canada – Ontario

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Today’s adventure took me through Canada.  I got a slightly later start than I had planned. It really should have occurred to me that the correct answer to why I was traveling through Canada should have been “I’m on vacation.”  “I’m moving across country.” was NOT the answer they were looking for. They sent me to immigration.  Thankfully it didn’t take too long before I was back on the road.

   So, what did I think of Canada?Truthfully, it reminded me of upstate New York and Vermont. It was very scenic with large swaths of farmland. barn with sheep farm
horse and alpaca horse laying in the grass
  Which also means lots of animals including one horse who was determined to keep me amused by rolling back and forth in the grass.  horse rolling over
 school house Scattered farm houses weren’t the only buildings. There were plenty of normal residential homes and many of the same businesses that I see regularly on the U.S. side of the border.  There were also some interesting older buildings like this school house.    Haunted houseAnd this great house.  Do you think it is haunted?
 Lake Erie Since most of my drive today was along one great lake or another, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the water.

The Great lakes were strange.  I have lived near the ocean most of my life and, while they were certainly vast – I couldn’t see the far shore – there were no waves.

I found them both serene and eerie at the same time.  I wonder if that is how Lake Erie got it’s name?


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