Melina Gunnett

August 1, 2011

My Apple Bit the Dust

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I am so frustrated right now. I need to be calling people, checking my mail and planning my trip down south, which theoretically starts tomorrow. The inspection for my house is today too. Actually, it was 5 hours ago and I would really like to know how it went. Instead my butt is sitting on a hard, uncomfortable stool at the apple store, waiting.

Today’s adventure actually started two days ago. Night before last Apple “updated” their software. Normally I like the way updates get handled. They download to i-tunes and then upload to my phone when I sync it. It, like most things Apple, is mostly done behind the scenes and takes care of itself. This is all good until it goes horribly wrong. Like the last update did.

Something happened, don’t ask me what. Behind the scenes technology stays behind the scenes, even when you want to know what is happening. The update never finished and now my phone won’t sync. In fact my phone won’t do anything. It just shows me a little icon telling me to plug it in to i-tunes to update. I’ve been trying to do that for two days now. I left it plugged in and “updating” all night last night. It isn’t working.

The things that make my smart phone wonderful are now my biggest problems. I can’t make phone calls, check my e-mail, use the map function, send or receive text messages or check my voice mail. So here I sit on the hard little stool waiting again. Again, because I didn’t get “checked in” the first time and they auto-canceled my appointment. I would have known I needed to check in if I could have checked my mail, but MY PHONE DOESN’T WORK!


Yeah, I could go outside and wait, but if I’m not sitting here 5 minutes before they will auto-cancel my appointment again. I’d set an alarm but my clock is on my phone and MY PHONE DOESN’T WORK.

Hopefully they will at least get it working after all this. I’ll know in a few minutes and you’ll know in the next paragraph because I can’t post this until I get some place with Internet.


 Well the person helping me is friendly. That’s a good thing because he is now trying all the things I’ve been trying for the last few days. I think I may be here a while.


Gee all it took was completely was erasing my sim card so that everything could be re-installed new. The have us do everything else through the itunes interface; is there a reason I couldn’t have done this too. Preferably at home, without the 40 minute drive and an hour spent wandering around a mall while I waited (I consider shopping malls my own personal hell.)

This is why I never owned a Mac. I am smart and fairly tech savvy. I want to be able to fix things when they break. Apple wants to do that for you. If I knew nothing about computers Apple would be a good choice. I suppose that once I recover from the annoyance of today I will be glad to have the phone I have. Right now I don’t have time to think about it. I need to get all the arrangements for my real adventure (A trip down the west coast to San Diego.) that I couldn’t make with my phone down done. At least I can now do it from someplace more comfortable than the hard wooden stools in the Apple store.


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