Melina Gunnett

August 2, 2011

Review (movie) – The Devil’s Double

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This is the story of Latif Yahia during the period of his life when he was forced to play fiday (body double) for Uday Hussein. The extreme power, wealth and privilege of the Hussein family stands against the backdrop of a war they started (the Gulf War between Iraq and Kuwait). At it’s heart this film is about the fear generated by one powerful, violent and insane man and how people must adapt and learn to live with him

Dominic Cooper played both of the lead roles, Uday Hussein and Latif Yahia, and was amazing. His performance was so exceptional that it made me really, really want to like this movie. Unfortunately, Copper’s performance aside, the best I can say was not bad.

The film starts out with a montage of real life war clips from the Gulf War, interspersed with clips of Latif being taken to see Uday. Sadly, it then jumps straight into him being forced to work for Uday as his double. It didn’t give much of a build up or give me much of a reason to care about Latif beyond him being a fellow human in a bad situation.

Uday is excessive in every way. Drugs, sex and violence are the norm in his life and he leaves a tail of damaged people and bodies wherever he goes. Most of the sex and violence in the movie is to portray this extreme but the viewer should be warned that there is a lot of it.

All in all, this one gets a “wait for the video” from me.


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