Melina Gunnett

August 19, 2011

Poof! I’m Gone.

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I’ve vanished!

Actually, it only seems like I’ve vanished off the face of the earth. I’ve really only vanished off the face of the internet.  In our modern society it sometimes seems like the same thing.

The first few days of the trip I could really feel the effects of withdrawal from cyber space.  Granted, it hasn’t been complete withdrawal.  I do have my I phone with me and can check in through it as long as I am someplace with cell service.  You would be amazed at how much of the rural world doesn’t have cell service.

During my last trip I mostly stayed in hotels and hostels at night and they almost always had internet I could use to up date my journal, upload photos, or at least pop on facebook and catch up with everyone.  This trip that hasn’t been the case.  Most nights I am staying with friends and, while I’m sure they do have internet and would let me use it if I ask, I would rather spend the time catching up with them than getting online to update the rest of the world about my travels.

After two weeks of traveling this way I’m slowly recovering from what I have come to realize, was a severe internet addiction.  Perhaps a virtual person addiction would be a better way to put it.  I hadn’t realized how dependent I had become on being able to keep in touch with some many of my friends a the touch of a button.

So, now that I have taken a step back and seen what is happening, what do I intend to do?  I could sign off of here, leave social media and spend more time making in person contacts.  I won’t though.  I like being able to keep in touch with so many friends that are scattered all over the world.  The odds are pretty good I won’t get a chance to communicate with may of you any other way any time soon.

The lesson I’m going to take from this is balance.  I need to make the effort to see more people in person or at least talk to them more often.  As for online… Well, I’ll continue to check in when I can and I will resume my regular blog  on September 1st.   In the mean time I need to check out of this hotel so I can hit the road and go visit another friend.


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