Melina Gunnett

January 20, 2012

Sorry, my bad

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A good portion of the Pacific North West is without power right now.  I suspect it may be my fault.

It is true that one of the reasons I left Boston was money.  While I could afford to live there on a tech’s salary, I suspect it will be some time before I can live there on a writer’s salary.  That wasn’t the entire reason though.  I probably could have found someplace out of town, maybe in New Hampshire or Maine.  The real reason was the weather.

To say I hate snow would not be accurate.  Snow can be beautiful.  It can turn a dirty, dreary world into a sparkling, pristine wonderland.  I don’t mind visiting snow at all.  I just hate it when it visits me.

The snow that comes to me usually involves frozen hands and cold, wet feet.  It means chipping my car out of the frozen cube that surrounds it, shoveling driveways and sidewalks just to have the plow come though and put it all back, and my favorite game – “Where do I park now?.  I got to play that every time the sky even threatened to drop the white stuff because half my neighborhood didn’t allow parking during “snow emergencies”.  Those are all things I can quite contentedly live without.

So why do I think this current storm is might be my fault?  I suspect it may be Mother Nature punishing me for my hubris. I just got back from a trip to New England and I may have been gloating just a bit too much about escaping with only a smattering of the white stuff powdering the ground.

My plane landed, the next morning we had 10 inches of snow (real inches, not Boston weatherman inches).  I guess I took it too well, because the next day brought on an ice storm and now there are currently over 250,000 homes without power – including us.

We are all OK.  We will come through this just fine, but that doesn’t mean anyone is happy about the situation.  I am definitely not gloating now.

So sorry, my bad.


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