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August 2, 2012

This Week has been a Pain in the Back.

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I am sitting here at my desk listening to NPR discuss the benefits of procrastination in the background. An interesting discussion, but not one I agree with. I tend to procrastinate enough naturally, deliberate procrastination on my part would just be bad. I would never get anything done.

Surprisingly, procrastination isn’t the reason why I am writing a blog post on Thursday instead of Monday this week. I was actually having a pretty good week last week. Completing one item on my to-do list each day instead of being overwhelmed by the list seems to be the way to go. After having competed my item for the day, I often managed to tick of two or three more just because I was already up and doing things.

This worked well throughout the week until Thursday when I pulled an item off the list bigger than I could handle by myself. unfortunately I mean that literally. I moved the livingroom furniture around by myself and hurt my back.

This isn’t the first time I have hurt my back and I doubt it will be the last. It did leave me flat on my back Friday, unable to do anything. Saturday was more of the same. It should have been better by then, at least enough for me to get up and move around a bit. By Sunday I knew I was in trouble.

My roommate had been trying to get me to go to the chiropractor since Friday, at this point I caved. I was not convinced the chiropractor was the best choice, but I needed to do something. I couldn’t even sit up, let alone work at my desk. I promised that come Monday morning, unless I was magically healed, I would go.

I guess I wasn’t a good little girl because the back fairy didn’t show up and sprinkle star-dust on my back making in better. I had to go to the chiropractor. Before I could do that, I had to first get down to the car. Two flights of stairs later, I was pretty much in tears.

Normally climbing into a car is just something one does, you don’t really think about how you do it. I certainly never really thought about how much bending and twisting is involved. Let’s just say it was a challenge, as I rather shed the memory the and leave the pain behind like the slough of a snake.

I made it the chiropractor not once, but twice that day. My roommate bribed me with a chunky monkey shake to hang in for the second trip. The results of the x-rays were pretty persuasive too. I had twisted one of my disks far enough out of alignment that even I could see the problem.

He tried to adjust my back, but it wasn’t going. I had another appointment on Tuesday morning and he tried again without much luck. Each visit he hooked me up to a different contraption, all of which were supposed to loosen up my back and allow for adjustment, but that magic *pop* back into place never came.   I was starting to do feel better by Wednesday, even without that magic *pop*, but I was still a long way from mobile. I suspect switching to ice instead of hot showers had more to do with my improvement than anything else. (For the record, I HATE putting ice on injuries. Ice is cold. I do not like cold.) Either way I made it to the chiropractor on Wednesday with hardly a whimper or moan.

My roommate really should be eligible for sainthood after this week. I normally have a fairly high tolerance for background pain. Once I get past that tolerance, all bets are off. The overall pain had been overwhelming for days and when I made any sudden movements – just Yowie! I spent most of the week hiding in bed away from everyone. She was the poor stooge that got sent in to lure me out. It probably would have been safer to just put police tape across my room until I either healed up or passed away.
Wednesday was the turn around. The first thing he did when I went in was strap me into a harness. You know, the kind you see on TV when the hook somebody up to fly across the stage or do acrobatics. Once I was securely in and my weight lifted off of my back the put me on a treadmill and had me walk. If I hadn’t been hurting, it would have been fun.

Once I had walked what felt like a marathon, but was actually only a quarter of a mile, the took me off and sent me back downstairs and laid me out on a table. Then came the part I hated the most. The part where he tries to twist my spine back into its orignal shape. This time, instead of just a shot of instant pain searing through me, I heard a pop. That amazing pop I had been waiting for.

All the pain didn’t magically vanish, but I could move again.

So today I start over on my list. First off, is this entry, now four days overdue. I can still only sit up a half hour or so at a time, but at least I can sit at my desk and type. Tomorrow I have a follow-up with the chiropractor to make sure everything stayed where it belonged. I’m still not sure that a regular doctor, which would have come with pain meds and muscle relaxants, would not have been a better choice, but that is something I can think on between now and next time I have a back problem.

On the up side, with all that down time, I did finally get a chance to read a couple of the books that had been on the top of my pile. Maybe tomorrow I’ll see about writing up a review or two. I can afford to add a few more things on to my to-do list now that I can start working my way down it again.



  1. I also enjoy photography, writing and metal working and know you need to take care of your back to do these things. I was in a car accident in November, went to the chiro and ortho then slacked off. I am paying for it now and back in physical therapy. Make sure to take good care of yourself so you are in good shape to do the things you like.

    Comment by Jenny — August 3, 2012 @ 10:48 AM

    • Thanks for the well wishes. I’m still not 100% sold on Chiro, it worked, but it took a lot of visits. I hope your therapy is going well.

      Comment by Melina Gunnett — August 14, 2012 @ 7:29 AM

  2. thanks for the great post. it reminds me that i have to bring more structure into my blogging. your blog is very interesting. please let me know how to go for your rss blog.

    Comment by Eloida — August 4, 2012 @ 10:43 AM

    • I don’t know how to set up an RSS feed. You can subscribe to the blog and it will send you and e-mail or if you are a wordpress member you can follow it and it will show up in your reader.

      Comment by Melina Gunnett — August 14, 2012 @ 7:42 AM

  3. I have pain in the outside of my foot as well as the
    top of my foot. I now have some pain in the outside
    of my ankle as well. I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and
    they did x-rays but found nothing, the pain has gotten worse,
    I am wondering if I should go back to the doctor?

    The pain is pretty bad right now. Thanks..

    Comment by common foot pain — August 8, 2012 @ 5:30 PM

    • Hopefully you have already gone, but YES! If you are in pain, you need to find out why. If your doctor doesn’t know why, try another doctor.

      Comment by Melina Gunnett — August 14, 2012 @ 7:39 AM

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