Melina Gunnett

August 28, 2012

Review – Inanimate Objects

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This has been on my reading pile for a while. I bought it because I like the author, as a person, and hoped that her writing was as interesting and she was.

Inanimate Objects begins as a series of seemingly unrelated vignettes. When I picked the book up to read, I was hoping for a story. I probably would have sent it back to my “to be read” pile 30 or pages in, but each little scenario was well written and captivating, even if I couldn’t see any connection between them.

I am glad I hung in. The characters continued to captivate me and, as I read on, began to connect up. Eventually the pieces came together, like a mosaic, each beautifully crafted tidbit fitting in among the others to create full picture.

A muse has found the young street artist, Leonidas Bondi, or has he found her? Matilda, the muse, lives her life vicariously through her patrons, molding and shaping them to fit her own vision. Leo has his own ideas and the magic that is his artwork. Then there is her son Elisha, immortal, bored and disillusioned with life. Elisha has his own obsession, but is still drawn to the beautiful, pragmatic Helena Bondi.

While the characters are what make the book, what completes the book is the way Saunders ties all of their stories together, slowly revealing an unexpected narrative. To say more is give away too much and this is a book worth reading for yourself.


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  1. Ah, thank you so much and I’m beyond pleased that you liked it! Thank you, thank you (and Leo and Elisha thank you as well :* )

    Comment by Kendra Saunders — August 28, 2012 @ 12:22 AM

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