Melina Gunnett

October 19, 2012

Time Keeps on Slipping

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While work has only take up a few hours each day and movie screenings a few more, it seems to have made my time vanish. I finally took a step back today and ask myself why. The answer – I’m not organized, so I don’t have a plan to make my time between activities useful. The solution, sit down and program my schedule into my calendar.

It sounds simple, and truthfully it was, but it is amazing how much time I spend trying to remember what goes when so that I don’t miss anything. I literally felt the relief once it was all on the calendar. My phone will now send me alerts so I can spend the rest of my free time getting stuff done instead of sorting through what I should be doing.

I’m hoping this frees up my brain space for more writing time. I only got one story out the door last month, and if I am going to call myself a writer, I need to do more than that. I have several things in my kitty, ready to start pouring out onto paper, so hopefully I will be able to finish up at least one and maybe two more before the month ends.

In the mean time, I’ll have another movie review up tomorrow and I have a couple more schedule for next week.

Oh, and while I’m thinking about time, just a reminder – Here in the US, Day Light Savings time starts up again on Sunday November 3rd. Remember to set your clocks b



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