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June 2, 2011

Baltimore to Boston via Atlantic City

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 On Tuesday I drove back from Baltimore to Boston.  Since it was likely going to be my last trip along the East Coast in the near future and I had cleared the whole day for the drive I decide to make a side trip to Atlantic City.  I’d still like to make it down to New York and Coney Island, but I can always take a China town bus if I have time before I leave.Heading back via Atlantic City had the added advantage of letting me skip all the construction on 95.  So I headed over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and got a chance to see the rural half of Maryland. Chesapeake Bay Bridge
If I think about it it makes perfect sense that there is farmland in Maryland.  The original settlers had to have something to eat and shipping from the, then non-existent, Midwest states wasn’t an option.Wheat was in season and it really does make waves of amber on a windy day.  It was almost hypnotic.
 The fields, farms and trees were occasionally broken up but little hints of Chesapeake Bay, which has fingers extending throughout the region.  Most of them were just out of site, just beyond the hill or homes.    I finally decided that I wanted to see them and headed off the highway.  I though they would create a salt marsh area, with cattails and seabirds.  Instead I found they looked a lot more like inland lakes.
   It has been a while since I have done a long road trip.  I stopped at dinner to grab some lunch.  I was hoping for cheap, but even the salads were almost eight bucks (which included a drink)Oh yeah, now I remember.  Dinner food is HUGE!  $8 for the giant plate of salad they placed on my table was fairly cheap.  I think they fried half a chicken and put it on top.  They even made it look pretty!I suspect their will be a lot of dinners in my future.  I just need to remember to pack some Tupperware for ice-chest friendly leftovers.
  When I finally got to the Atlantic
City Welcome Center, there
wasn’t a car, casino or beech in sight.No problem, they said.  Just take
the next exit.  The boardwalk
begins just past the Greek Temple
Monument.And sure enough….
 I found the boardwalk, lots of hotels, casinos and best of all, the beach!   ^ ^ ^ ^ ^If I ever get back to Atlantic City,
I want to stay here.
   Of course, being me, I skipped the casinos and hit the beach.  It was a perfect day.  The weather was warm, but there was a nice breeze.I spent most of my time in Atlantic City playing in the water and taking pictures of shells.  
I finally drug myself off the beech and back to the car.  I would have thought about staying longer, there were some cheep $30 hotels just outside of town, but I had to work Wednesday afternoon and I’m just not enough of a morning person to risk being late.I did take a bit of time to walk around the actual town first.

  • Yes, the streets have the same name as they do in Monopoly
  • Yes, Baltic Ave is where they keep the projects
  • No, I didn’t find anyplace I could collect $200. 😦

                              Hey did you know people
actually wore nose guards?

   Not all the buildings are hotels or Casinos.Atlantic City was founded in 1783 (incorporated, 1854) and has a lot of neat old architecture.There just isn’t enough time to cover any city in one day.  I suspect I could have spent most of a week there exploring and still not have had time to see everything.
It was windy the whole time I was there, which was nice because it was warm.Unfortunately that meant that the little bits of nature I like to take pictures of were blowing in the wind.  I did mange to find a few things besides buildings willing to stand still long enough to have their pictures taken.


This was my favorite picture from the trip.

The rest of the drive back was uneventful.  There was a bit of traffic in New York, but I’ve never been through there when there wasn’t.  I took the quick route back up 91.

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