Melina Gunnett

October 17, 2012

Review – Alex Cross

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If you are going to watch this movie, I recommend arriving early enough to get a good seat somewhere in center and not too close to the screen. This is an action movie and there is always something moving on the screen. The director has unfortunately chosen to compound this by using hand held “point of view” shots during fight scenes, making it difficult to follow the action from close up.

Detective Doctor Alex Cross is Detroit’s Sherlock Holmes, picking up clues by observation and psychological profiling, but this isn’t a who dun-it movie. We know who the bad guy is. There is some slight suspense in what he is going to do next, but for the most part, this is an out and out revenge flick.

Tyler Perry held his own as Alex Cross, not an easy feat since the part was previously played by Morgan Freeman. Edward Burns also did well as Tommy although it would have been nice to see him with a bit more dialog, I get the feeling that a bit too much was left on the cutting room floor. Actually, most of the movie felt a bit rushed. It was almost seemed like they director wanted push past all that pesky dialog as quickly as possible so he could get on with the action scenes.

If you enjoy action films, this is worth seeing. I’ll give it a B-. It wasn’t great, but I would be willing to see it again.


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