Melina Gunnett

September 7, 2012

One Thing Leads to Another

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So, 2,000 dollars later, my car is now fit and ready to roll. I hadn’t planned on spending that much money, but it is a New England car. As anyone from that part of the country knows, that means years of road salt assaulting its undercarriage. I had to replace most of the exhaust system and the entire rust-coated brake system.

I briefly thought about just replacing the car, but after doing a quick search for cars in a comparable price range I gave up on the idea. At least, after spending the money, I know that my car is now in good order and should last me several more years. For $2,000 dollars all I would be able to buy is someone else’s problem, which I would probably have to put in more money to fix anyway. Besides, I like my car.

Unfortunately, the cost put quite a dent in my savings. I decided, now that my book is done, it is time for me to look for a job. Well, a part time job anyway. I still want to have time to write, but I am more productive when I have a structured activity to play my week around. It might as well be something that pays.

My first call was to Mad Science of Portland. I worked for them in Boston and loved it. I’ve had some pretty fun jobs over the years; I worked briefly as a clown, ran lights for a theater company and worked as a disk jockey back in the old days, you know, when DJs actually had some control over what they played. Mad Scientist beats them all.

Not only is in amazingly cool to be able to put “Mad Scientist” down as my job title on forms, the job was fun. I didn’t just get to go talk to kids about science, we got to play with things. Scientists really do have the coolest toys. How many other jobs let you drive around with a Vandergraph generator in the trunk of your car?

That call made, I poked around Cragislist to see if there were any jobs I could do that actually involved writing. Surprisingly, there were several listings. I’ll look into a few more of them tomorrow, but I already sent in an application for one. It doesn’t pay a whole lot, about a penny a word, but it would involve writing various types of articles for… well I’m not sure exactly where they are for. It seems to be a clearing house for places that need articles on “X subject”.

As part of the application process they ask for a sample article to be written on, of all things, wine, wine-tasting, or wine-making. Me being me, my mind immediately went for mead. I could have easily pounded out 400 words on how to make mead, but they wanted the article to be based on a current news article found on the web. Lucky for me Chicago is have a Honey Festival this weekend, which they are conveniently launching with a Mead tasting dinner.

Of course I don’t live anywhere near Chicago, but now my mind is stuck on mead. I was happy to find that we do have a semi-local brewery that makes mead, but, with a little more research, I also found that Portland sports a wide assortment of home-brewing supply stores. I’m sure most, if not all of them specialize in beer brewing – Portlandians lover their beer – but I bet I can can purchase the supplies I need to brew some mead too.

Actually, I already have some of the supplies. While I severely pared down my personal possessions when I moved out west last year, I kept some of the more expensive pieces like my corker. I suspect I can get back up and running for around $50 plus the cost of honey.

Now all I have to do is decide wither I am going to be fiscally responsible and wait until I get some paid work, or run by one of the stores this weekend. Of course, if I start a batch now, maybe it will be done in time to celebrate my first paycheck. So I guess the only real question that remains what type of mead I want to make.


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