Melina Gunnett

November 2, 2012

Review – Flight

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An airplane crash and alcoholism: Had I known what this movie was about going into it, I probably would have skipped it all together. I’m not really a fan of movies about either one of them. If you are, then this is the movie for you.

The acting was good, the story a bit predictable but well done and other people seemed to like it. One guy compared it to Argo. I don’t see it. The only comparison I would make between the two movies is maybe in the costuming. Despite the fact that the movie was apparently present day (at least if you judge it by the cell phone technology they were using) most of the clothing and settings looked like they came out of the late 70’s. Actually, I think most of the music was from that era too.

They did do a good job of portraying alcoholism. Whip, the main character played by Denzil Washington, has everything going for him. He is a supremely talented pilot who pulls off an amazing landing, saving nearly everyone on board the plane. That is only the background for the film. The real story is about his addictions and the path of destruction they have rent through his life.

I left the theater feeling sad and depressed. This is probably because I have lived with an alcoholic and am far to familiar with the burnt wasteland they leave behind them. I doubt everyone will have this strong of a reaction to the film, like I said, many people seemed to like it. Me – I’m off to find something cheerful to watch so I can sleep tonight.


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