Melina Gunnett

October 11, 2012

Review – Here Comes the Boom

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I’m going to give this movie a 7 out of 10 and not just because I was feeling a bit nostalgic when them movie opened by taking a motorcycle ride through my old neighborhood. I have to admit that I was a bit surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. I didn’t think I would like it much more than the Nelly song it is named after. (I should clarify, since I know that Nelly has a lot of fans. – I’m not one of you. – Sorry, just not my thing.) but I ended up both laughing and crying before I left the theater.

Maybe I just need to stop watching trailers. I had expected this to be a mostly physical comedy about a buffoon pretending to be a wrestler to try and raise funds for his school. Instead I found myself watching a heartwarming tale of a teacher who had lost his zeal rediscover his love of teaching by helping to raise funds to save another teacher’s (Henry Winkler) job.

It isn’t all heart tugs, although there are plenty of them, as they are what motivate Voss (Kevin James) throughout. There is also a lot of humor and, for those of you looking forward to seeing Kevin James flattened, several cage matches and a fist full of training scenes.

The lovely Selma Hayek plays Bella, Voss’s futile love interest and Greg Germann (Who, even though he has played dozens of roles since then, I will always remember as Richard Fish from Ally McBeal) plays Voss’es nemesis  Principle Betcher. Germann isn’t the only supporting actor in this film from my favorite TV shows. Charice (Glee) plays one of Voss’s students and sings a wonderful version of Neil Diamond’s Holly Holy and Reggie Lee (Grimm) plays her father.


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