Melina Gunnett

August 27, 2012

The End

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It was Oscar Wilde who famously said “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life”. For the last few weeks my art – my writing – has been doing its best to be the exception that proves the rule. By now anyone who has been following me knows that I have been having difficulty finishing up tasks. My book, it seems, was having the same problem.

I had originally wanted to have it completed before my move. I worked on it and had the story done, but in desperate need of editing. The life struck with a vengeance. I’ve been pecking away at the editing and, with the help of a few beta readers, managed to get it mostly done by the end of July.

I had hoped, even with the move, tot get it out the door to the publisher by the 1st of August. I almost made it, there were still a few things I felt needed re-working and I needed one last chapter to wrap things up a bit.

The editing I was able to finish up, the last chapter… let’s just say, it was definitely the most difficult chapter in the book. The rest of the story just flowed. I knew what I wanted to happen, I had a time line that it needed to fit and characters. I didn’t get the whole story sent to me in a dream or everything, but what needed to happen next was always, well, what needed to happen next. It worked.

The last chapter didn’t need to happen next. I wasn’t even sure it needed to happen at all and the harder I tried to make something fit, the more I wondered if I should just leave things as they were. I probably would have given up, but I trust the people I had beta reading for me.

It took me almost two weeks to find a thread in the story that had been left hanging. Actually there are a couple, but I deliberately left them hanging – literary fringe that I will use to weave the sequel, which is already half written in my mind. Even once I had my thread I still struggled. I wanted to make the chapter a wrap up, not a new adventure.

In the end, finish up the book came down to the same thing it did in my real life, sitting my but in the chair and doing it. It took a couple of days of false starts and re-writes, but eventually the words landed on the page in an order I could live with. Best ending ever? Doubtful, but it was an ending and the book finally went into the (e)mail to the publisher.

I missed all my other self-fabricated deadlines, but I made my final firm dead line. The book had to be finished by my birthday or put on the shelf. I managed to send it off the day before, leaving me the chance to relax and enjoy the day guilt free.

Now I should have time to move on to the other projects that have cluttering up my desktop and start hacking down my “to be read” pile. I suppose it is time for another ‘to-do’ list, as I am sure there are things I have been letting slip while I worked on this. Hopefully Mr. Wilde will prove correct and I can find a way to tie up the loose ends in my life and get them finished as I did with the book.


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